Apply Definite Action

Apply Definite Action

Once you've determined what you want and channeled your thoughts and emotions towards this outcome the next step is to start paving the way for that future reality to come your way. The key is ACTION.

Let's say you've been meditating and visualizing a new home. Start doing something - anything - to move you towards acquiring this home. It does not matter if you do not know exactly what you need to do. Nor does it matter if you don't have the financial resources to acquire the home. Keep focused on it, believe you will acquire it and take action.

DO NOT worry if you're unsure of what action you need to take. Begin at once to chanel your thoughts towards what you're trying to attract and the answer you seek - the action you need to take - will come to you.

It may come as an inspired thought or maybe even a 'EUREKA' moment or simply a moment of clarity while meditating or through a book you find or something a friend says - the possibilities are endlesss! The way it comes is not important. Trust that the answer will come.

Do something - ANYTHING - to move you towards your goal. Start looking up homes for sale in the newspapers. Start looking at new furniture (even if you've not yet found the right home). Speak to real estate agents, search the internet, buy books on purchasing houses.

Definite Action, when applied towards your definite goal, creates miracles through the Law of Attraction. One of the cardinal sins is to over-analyse whether you are doing the right thing. Don't worry about this - live your life and act on your beliefs what you think to be right.

As we know this cannot just happen overnight. Take a few steps "baby-steps" - towards your goal. As you take action, events and coincidences will guide you towards the end result. Live the process and as time goes on be amazed at the joy and happiness that enters your life!